Book Reviews

The books listed within these review pages were donated by the publisher for the sole purpose of being reviewed for our project. In most cases, after the review is complete, the books will be included in the planned Urban Gardening section of the Pinellas County Library, Seminole Branch on the campus of St. Petersburg College. If you are an author or publisher and wish to help by having your publication included, please contact us at and we will provide the shipping information.

Future Reviews
The books listed below are on their way from the publisher and the reviews will be added to the site in the near future.

Mini Farming Self-sufficiency on 1/4 acre"
Companion Planting for the Kitchen Gardener
The Urban Garden
The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Own Food
Window Gardening the Old-Fashioned Way
The Mini Farming Guide to Composting
Modern Garden Design
Hydroponics for the home grower
Hydroponic Food Production
Urban Horticulture
North American Cornucopia: Top 100 Indigenous Food Plants
The Conversion to Sustainable Agriculture: Principles, Processes, and Practices
Sustainable Cities: Urban Planning Challenges and Policy
Urban Horticulture: Ecology, Landscape, and Agriculture
Backyard Farming: Composting
Green Town USA
The New Kitchen Garden
Sustainable Revolution
Culture and Horticulture
A Curious History of Vegetables